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Copy of #2013 - 20 Favorite of the Decade

I wanted to share 20 songs that meant something to me throughout the last decade (2019).

preface: As I put these songs together, I've realized my taste in music is not very 'vibey' or 'taste-making,' but I don't care. You'll have to get your dose of undiscovered cool from somewhere else. The tracks I will be sharing aren't meant as a 'best-of,' but more of a snapshot at moments from each year through specific songs. these are songs that gave me the 'wildfeels' for one reason or another, and I'm glad to share them with you.

2013 - CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share

Scotland and sentimental synth-pop. Does it get any better? Maybe, but not by much. I don't remember how I first heard this band, but this was the song. And, it's spun on the record player a number of times while I clean house, since. Enjoy.

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