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Tuesdays are for ♫ Live Streaming in April

All it took was a sweeping pandemic to do something I should have done a long time ago. Actually, I think the Corona virus has most of us weighing what is most important to us. It is a seriously challenging time for everyone.

By now, we all know Live Music took a hit when the public houses closed, but we can still make music, so I have been joining the ranks of all the musicians trying to find their way through the mess and brighten up someone's day with song.

◆ ◆

Every Tuesday at 8 pm MST (7 pm PST//10 pm EST) I will be live streaming from my Facebook page. I am a rookie at it, but it's coming along. You can head over to DOWLERMUSIC and request a song.

◆ ◆

Here is April's Live Stream Concert Schedule:

April 7- 8 pm - Behind Counterfeit Smiles & Polarized

Songs from my two albums.


April 14 - 8 pm - Van Springsteen & Petty Seger

Songs from the songwriting greats.


April 21 - 8 pm - North, South, West, & East

Songs from the Compass Project - 4 (3 released) E.P.s.


April 28 - 8 pm - Pop Hits (Swift, Perry, Bieber, Post Malone, etc.)

Songs from the freaking radio station playing the last few years.


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