• Luke Dowler

Give credit where credit is due

Exactly as the title infers, I need to give some shout outs to the musicians who helped make Get The Job Done.

In the early summer of 2019, I was performing in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I was second on the bill that night, after songwriter/improv comedian/podcaster/actor/story-teller/badass Cat London. As I sweat an ungodly amount, Cat stayed for my set, and out of nowhere, extended an offer to sing with me "when I start playing in giant arenas." It was a cool, albeit far-fetched compliment.

I don't think she knew I would be in touch within a few weeks, though. Of course, it was much more discreet than an arena tour. I needed a band for some dates later that summer and for the studio. Sight unseen, she graciously accepted a stranger's invitation.

Musicians are flighty, and the rest of the band I had put together went radio silent, eventually confirming they bailed when I showed up at a gig of theirs the night before rehearsal.

Cat came to the rescue and assembled the band that performed and recorded the single.

Thanks, Cat London. Check her out here

Then, there's Matt Fernicola, who saddled up his pony and rode with me on this one. He was a blast to hang out with, and a great presence in the studio. really encouraging. He's a great dude. There are a few thank you's I could and should make, but I am tired of writing so I will revisit them in the weeks ahead. I will leave this here.

Credit where credit is due!

Drums: Anthony Freda

BGV'S: Cat London

Bass: Matt Fernicola

Keys: Rich Aveo

Guitars/Vocals: LD

Engineered & Mixed: Joe Pomarico

Mastered: Zach Kornhauser

artwork: LD

Photography: Mark Cluney IG

Also, in the video, there are a few players with me:

Bass at the Top Hat: Phil Sharrow

Keys at the Top Hat: Kelly Garber

Drums at the Top Hat: Ben Summers

Keys at the Top Hat: Milan House

Bass at the Bitter End show: Chris Dubrow - (whom I hate with a passion. ;))


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