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2019 and I are about to call it quits, but we are throwing a party before we do.

If you're reading this, then you already know. Welcome to the new website! I'm committing myself to consistency in 2020 when it comes to music, video, and sharing my story more. It has been a testing of patience, because throughout 2019, I have been planning for 2020.

DIY has its ups and downs, with one of the downsides being the workload that it takes to manage bookings, maintain online presence, and write and produce digital forms of music and video, but that is not what this post is about, so I digress.

Before I get into the nuts, bolts, blood, and tears, I need to tell you about this single releasing on December 27th on Telegraph Hill records.

The first of a few planned singles, "Get The Job Done" was recorded in New York City at Atlantic Records Studios back in August. I was over East playing the city, and able to spend a couple of days with a great community of musicians from the city and Jersey. The band came together the day of and knocked it out of the park.

More on that later, and more on the crew that supported this track, but if you're still reading: a like, share, follow, pre-save would be killer.

Check it out here: Get The Job Done

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29 dic 2019

Love your new song, Luke! Get The Job Done is's a hit!

Me gusta
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